Residential building


Total area of the building: ~600,00 m2;
Building areas: ~2 600,00 m3;
total sale area: ~350,00 m2;
Number of floors: 4 floors.

Team of authors

Chief Architect - Anorov G. S.
Architects - N.Sh. Sodiqov., Qodirova Z.
3d- visualization - Nazarov O. Kh.
Design Engineer - Boboev N. A.


Designing: 2011-2013;
Construction: 2013-2015 (under construction);
Exploitation: Fourth quarter, 2015;


Client: Private person, M.Z. Vatanov;
Address: 65 Microdistrict, Dushanbe;


The designed building is located in the south-western part of Dushanbe city, in the center of 65 microdistrict. The territory pertains to the residential sector of this district. According to the Master Plan of Dushanbe city, the construction site is located on the second circle of the city. The basis for the building construction arose due to unavailability of a pharmacy in this area though there is the medical center in front of the designed building. The building is four-storeyed, two of which are designed for pharmacy and a small medical center. The other two floors are designed for the residential apartments. In each floor of the building there is one-room or two rooms apartments. The building is small, it can be said little, the size of which is 12x11,4 m.