«GM and Partners» - architectural bureau that was founded in 2007 is based in the city of Dushanbe. Our company provides a full range in the field of construction services: - architectural and engineering design, - designing of design of interiors and exteriors, - consulting in the field of building and construction industry, regardless of the destination of the building and facilities, as well as regardless of ownership ...

Purpose of the company is the creation of a successful and modern design through cooperation with customers. GM and Partners helps companies, organizations, investors, developers and individuals - to create innovative projects, developing extraordinary complexes, buildings, medium and technology to improve people's lives. It is no coincidence that the motto of the company is the using of latest, advanced technologies and materials in the development of its projects...

Despite the short period of its activity, by the company were consulted, designed projects and commissioned to exploitation a lot of buildings and structures along the cities and regions of our Republic.

Also, our bureau is engaged in designing of environmental and energy efficient buildings... Development of projects (by the Customer's request) using the alternative - renewable energy. Our organization has specialists who have been trained in this field in the leading countries abroad (Russia and the United States of America). With this, our architectural bureau promotes and seeks to develop an ECOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION in our Republic.


Ideas can be full and complete, when architects, engineers, environmental engineers and engineering systems work together creatively from the very beginning of a project. In such work arrangement, our team can combine their knowledge and learn from each other to develop stable, fully integrated design solutions.

For realization of our projects and consultancy at the bureau work highly qualified, young, professional and free-thinking ideas with extraordinary professionals. And the key to this is the desire to attract most qualified and most creative people.

Our architects also have experience in a range of building types, as the high-rise towers, large-scale mixed-use complexes, corporate offices, museums and cultural facilities, commercial and public buildings, hotels and residential complexes, and others. During these short years, we have collected and continue to collect the main group whose experience in all aspects of the design and building technology has no analogues.

How we work

We, like other foreign architectural bureaus, are supporters of a sustainable approach to designing, due to works, that we cover from the development of general plans to furniture. We use a comprehensive, integrated approach to designing.

Our team - architects and engineers working creatively together from the very beginning of development, to combine their expertise to offer our customers a stable, functional, aesthetic, high-performance, energy-efficient architectural designs.

Starting with the development of ideas to completion, the team accompanied by numerous internal disciplines, including project management and a field construction supervision. The entire process of designing is reviewed regularly by the Board.