Gas station with the elements of trade center in Kulob

Industrial + Transportation buildings


Total area of the territory: ~ 1025,00 m2;
total building footprint: ~ 600,00 m2;
total area of the building: ~ 450,00 m2;
construction volume: ~ 2 400,00 m3;
total sale area: ~ 150,00 m2;
number of floors: 1 floor;

Team of authors

Chief Architects – G.S. Anorov, N. Sh. Sodikov,
Architect – Sh. Nortochev,
3d-visualization - N. Sh. Sodikov,
Design Engineers – N.A. Boboev, S.A. Shermatov;


Design: the second and fourth quarter of 2013;
Construction: the third quarter of 2013 (under construction);
Exploitation: -


Client: Private person – P.Ch. Cholova;
Address: I. Somoni Street, Kulob,;


The designed gas station with the elements of trade and service centers is located along I. Somoni Street of Kulob town. The site as per the plan has a rectangular shape with a total area of 1025 m2, where an area of about 600 m2 is allocated for construction while the remainder is foreseen for the required structures and land improvements.

The project includes three main buildings, the purpose of which corresponds to the construction of the complex. According to the project the complex has a canopy for distribution fuel to the control room and the shop, as well as the building for maintenance of vehicles, café and dining room, and others. The third building is designed only for the storage of fuels and lubricants fuels. All the buildings are one-storyed. Architecture of buildings and structures is accepted in a minimalist style and with faced composite panels. Here, our experts tried to find the brand for this construction. And, in our opinion, we succeeded with this idea…