Interiors design


Total area of the premise: ~1 450,00m2 ~ 1;
number of floors: 2 floors + basement;

Team of authors

Chief Architect - Anorov G. S.
Architect - Sodikov N. Sh.
3d visualization - Nazarov O. Sh., Sodikov N. Sh.


Design: 2012;
Construction: 2012-2013;
Exploitation: - the 2013-2014;


Client: Private person;
Address: Dushanbe city


The designed object (apartment) is located in a five-storeyed apartment building. According to the project four different apartments were combined into one. The premises are located in the first two floors with a basement. The entrance to this apartment is foreseen separately, that is, from the opposite side of the common entrance hall. According to our project there is a sauna, shower with sanitary units, billiard room and cinema room, laundry and other service premises in the basement and on the ground floor of the apartments there are guest room, kitchen dining room, rooms of the service staff, sanitary facilities for the guests, bedroom for guests, etc. On the second floor mainly there are bedrooms for the owners themselves with some necessary facilities.

The design of each room is accepted based on the premises purpose and Client’s instructions. The complex has a classic style, high-tech and minimalism with elements of oriental patterns and spots, with the use of modern, ecological and high-quality materials, and furniture and equipment.