Cultural buildings


Total building area:
Amount of construction:
Total trade space:

Team of authors

Сhief architect - Anorov G. S.
Aarchitect - Nazarov O. Kh.
3d-visualization - Abdulkhakov A. A


Designing: 2018


Client: Private person;
Address: Dangara city


DANGARA is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Tajikistan and has an ancient history. The economy of Dangar consists of three main types: agriculture, industry and energy. Explain in detail that in the field of agriculture he is engaged in cotton growing, grain growing, horticulture, viticulture, beekeeping and others. The industrial sector includes factories and enterprises for the production of cement, leather, gravel, sand, brick, cotton, flour, bread, sewing factories and others. Finally, there are hydropower plants in the region’s energy sector, and after independence, several hydropower plants were completed and put into operation, which is more advanced than in other regions of the Republic of Tajikistan. In addition, the region has huge reserves of wind and solar energy.

Based on the foregoing, the philosophy of our project consists of three symbolic towers, which represent the three economic directions of the city of DANGAR.

The yellow tower is a symbol of agriculture
the red tower is a symbol of industry
and the blue tower is a symbol of energy that unites all power.

All construction materials used for this complex are made in the city of Dangara.

One of the advantages of this project is that in the blue tower - a symbol of energy is the provision of solar panels and wind generators. Thus, we can fully provide the complex with electricity and, in addition, extract part of it to other objects.