Cultural buildings


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Team of authors

Сhief architect - Anorov G. S.
3d-visualization - Yusufzoda Kh. F.


Designing: 2018


Client: Private person;
Address: Dushanbe city



What is Independence and Freedom?
It is the most precious, priceless blessing that everyone needs as much as air and water. And we should keep this great gift as the apple of our eye. For its stability and durability it is always necessary to make an effort.
To express this garden and architectural complex, the symbol of "Independence and Freedom" - the most precious, strongest and most beautiful unique diamond, we have taken as the basis of the philosophy of our project. It is also very difficult to get this rare stone, and we all know what difficulties and at what price our independence and freedom came into the hands of the Tajiks.
Based on the above, the architectural size of the symbol of "Independence and Freedom" is a diamond. The height of RAMZ is 210 meters, which is not unreasonable. If we look at the appearance of the symbol, it consists of several different levels. These levels also include philosophy or reference, historical and cultural values, and the nation's past. The first level of the architectural complex of the symbol of "Independence and Freedom" according to the project, is 10 meters high, and in our opinion it is an expression of the foundation of the Tajik state, laid during the Samanids, a reference to the Samanids, state pillars and history. This is to say that at the same time they laid a solid and lasting foundation for future Tajiks… The second level, measuring 5 meters, represents the first five years of the most difficult days of the new Tajik state since independence. . It is also expressed for the second time in the resurrection and re-formation of the foundations of the state. Because in these years, a number of great events and great deeds have been done, which have led to all the achievements of today. The third level - 35 meters is accepted, which is a reference to the present day, ie 30 years of Independence of the state, which is growing and progressing from year to year, month to month, day to day. In the Code, these words are being built as a strong and solid structure or pillar, which will serve as a platform or platform for future generations to perpetuate the state of Tajikistan. The fourth level of the complex - 90 meters, is an expression of the rapid development of the state and its people, the peace of the state in the future. According to the project, in addition, this structure is a symbol of the prosperity of the state and can be opened and closed as a flower at different times and when necessary. The fifth level is designed with a height of 10 meters and is represented as the nigin of the state. The sixth level is 30 meters, which indicates the progress of the state, its stability and power. The last level is the light of Tajikistan, the use and creation of new technologies and a step into the future.
And in general, RAMZ represents each of the different periods, from the time of the garden to the Samanids and from then until the independence of the state and complete freedom, and finally the permanence and eternity of this ancient, invincible, powerful state. There is also a GARDEN around the symbol - an expression of culture, history, ethnography, humanity and generosity of this hospitable nation.
The project envisages a magnificent wall-mounted square called “Nigoriston” next to this architectural complex with a proportionate stage. This mural is decorated with natural stones of Sughd, Khatlon and Badakhshan.
Now, if we pay attention to the garden of this complex, we will see the road with an oval shape. This road is intended to be used for the movement of people and equipment during the official state ceremonies. In addition, it is an expression of the size of the eye, in the center of which is a Tajik diamond, designed as the cradle of this eye. The four additional roads leading to the center from the four directions of the park and crossing the oval road symbolize the fact that Tajikistan consists of four provinces and show the integrity of the state and its stability.

Consultants RACHABOV U. Н.

Executor, computer design YUSUFZODA H. F.

Chief Architect of the project (author) ANOROV G. С.