Reconstruction of the administrative building in the apartment building

Public + Office buildings


Total area of the building: 3 750,00 m2 ~ 3;
construction volume: ~ 11 400,00 m3;
total living area: ~ 2 450,00 m2;
number of floors: 3 floors.

Team of authors

Chief Architect – G.S. Anorov,
Architect – R.M Ismoilov,
3d-visualization - G.S. Anorov, Chief Engineer – D. Homidov;


Design: the beginning of 2008 - 2009;
Construction: from 2010 (under construction);
Exploitation: -


Client: Private person;
Address: 40-year Octiyabrya Street, area 5, Tursunzoda town;


The designed three-storeyed apartment building is located along the Street “40-let Octyabrya” in the territory of the Microdistrict No5 in Tursunzada town. Prior to reconstruction the building had an administrative purpose and two above ground floors. The land plot of the building in planning term has a rectangular shape with a total area of about 5000 m2, including the allocated land for construction of the reconstructed buildings the footprint of which is 1250 m2. Constriction-free site is planted with ornamental green spaces, trees and bushes.

Residential building is a three-storyed building. Prior to reconstruction, the building had two above ground floors with the high height typical for administrative buildings. After the reconstruction the floors height was reduced according to the requirements of residential buildings. On this basis, the total height of the designed buildings has increased by 1.6 meters. At the same time the actual state of the building was examined giving the increasing of the height of the superstructure. The positive conclusion of the relevant authorities has been received. The rationale for the formation of an image of an apartment house was based on the existing administrative building. Color solution of the building was accepted also on the basis of existing building area.

In planning terms the residential house prior to and after reconstruction has a U-shaped projections designed (balconies) with front and back sides of the building in the form of a rectangle. According to the project from the first to the third floor the residential apartments has been stipulated consisting of one-, two- and three- room apartments.