Cultural buildings


Total area of the territory: ~8 750,00 m2;
number of floors: facility;

Team of authors

Architects - N.Sh. Sodikov, G.S. Anorov.
landscaping design - N.Sh. Sodikov,
Design Engineers - S.A. Shermatov;


Design: 2012;
Construction: 2012 (completed);
Exploitation: the third quarter of 2012;


Client: Executive body of state power of Spitamen district;
Address: I.Somoni Street, Spitamen district;


The designed site according to the situation is located on the right side of the of the main district I. Somoni Street. A small park is designed directly in the central part of the district center Spitamen. Our task was to develop a landscaping design, i.e. there is microclimate with some necessary buildings and monuments. This park is also named in honor of Tajik historical person and the hero legend - SPITAMEN.

Under this project, our specialists have tried to save a maximum of the environment, shrubs and trees. The structures were built from environmentally friendly and natural material, i.e. wood, local stone and clay. There are some ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. However in general the landscape was formed from the existing and local green plantings.