Landscaped Design in the Private House

Landscape design


Total area of the territory: ~ 2 500,00 m2;
total area of the designed area: ~ 2 100 m2;

Team of authors

Landscape design – O.Kh. Nazarov;
Architects- Consultants – N.Sh. Sodikov, G.S. Anorov,
3d- visualization - O.Kh. Nazarov;


Design: 2012;
Construction: 2012-2013 (completed);
Exploitation: the second quarter of 2013;


Client: Private person;
Address: Rudaki district;


This project originates from the 2009 - 2010 period. During this period our experts developed the main building - a dwelling house for the Client. As per this project it is stipulated to develop the landscape environment design. Our task was to develop a landscape design with some necessary buildings. In accordance with this project, our specialists tried to maximum save the surrounding nature, shrubs and trees. There are some ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. But in general the landscape was formed from the existing green plantings. Green plantings in this area are mostly local, and we also would like to note that there are some imported shrubs.