Recreation area "Malika"

Cultural buildings


Total area of the territory: ~50 000,00 m2;
total area of the building: ~3 850,00 m2;
construction volume: ~ 22 100,00 m3;
number of floors: 3 floors + basement.

Team of authors

Chief Architect – G.S. Anorov,
Architect – R.M. Sharipov, N.Sh. Sodikov, B.K. Pulotov,
3d-visualization - O.Kh. Nazarov, R.M. Sharipov,
Design Engineer - N.A. Boboev, S.A, Shermatov


Design: 2011-2012;
Construction: 2012-2015 (at the completion stage);
Exploitation: the fourth quarter 2015;


Client: Private person;
Exploiter: Private person;
Address: Gusgarf village, Varzob district;


The recreation area GUSGARF - is a private, cultural and educational, and specialized complex, which mostly is designed for a short-term rest for everyone. The area is located not far from Dushanbe, at 21 kilometer of the main road Dushanbe - Khujand. The plot in terms of geographical area is a very comfortable place. According to the situation, there is Varzob River on the eastern part of the territory and from the western part there are low mountains with densely populated trees of different species.

But, in this area there are no zones with the characteristics and purpose, as well as the level of service. According to the project there is number of separate buildings and constructions in the area. All buildings and structures foreseen are an integral part of the complex and there are buildings and structures, such as the kitchen block, a hotel unit for 50 places, separate sleeping blocks of different levels and comfort, rooms for conferences, a hall and canopy for cultural activities, different site, including children and other…

The structure consists mainly of two-storey volume with basement spaces. There are also four-storeyed buildings. Form of the complex is selected based on the areas. The architecture of the buildings is made in the style of the Middle Ages. Construction materials are mainly taken on the basis of local traditions and resources.