Landscape design


Total area of the building: ~ 300,00 m2;
construction volume: ~ 950,00 m3;
number of floors: 1 floor + roof used;

Team of authors

Chief Architect – G.S. Anorov,
Architect N.Sh. Sodikov,
3d-visualization – O.Kh. Nazarov, N. Sh Sodikov,
Design Engineer - N. A Boboev


Design: 2012;
Construction: 2012-2014 (under construction);
Exploitation: -


Client: Private person;
Address: Norak water reservoir, Norak town, Vakhsh River;


Our Company has been engaging with the “Energy- efficient and ecological building” since 2012. Recently we have completed the designing of a small, but 100% energy-efficient house. Moreover this house is floating ... In few words, the building is not connected to any networks. The following was used in the project: electricity supply - from solar panels, water – rain water + standalone capacity, hot water - solar collectors, finish - from environmental, energy-efficient materials, etc... If you are interested... or would like to have such house – please do not hesitate to contact us... We are ready for cooperation in all areas and levels in this direction...

Specialists of our bureau have developed three options of the architectural solution of this object. Volumetrically the planning decision of all the options is based on according to the functional purpose of the building. The pontoon is divided into two functional areas. This is the recreation and entertainment area and the second technical and service part. It is recommended to use modern, ecological and high-quality materials, as well as furniture and equipment.

Please note!!! “Renewable sources of energy conservation”. This will provide free electricity, hot water and heating of flats (apartments). In doing so, you will also make a huge contribution to the green construction...