Leisure Area NORAK

Cultural buildings


Total area of the building: ~35 500,00 m2;
total area of the building: ~ 150,00 m2;
construction volume: ~ 910,00 m3;
number of floors: 1 and 2 floors;

Team of authors

Architects – N.Sh. Sodikov, G.S. Anorov,
3d-visualization – O.Kh. Nazarov,
landscaping design - N. Sh. Sodikov,
Design Engineer – N.A. Boboev, S. A Shermatov;


Design: 2011;
Construction: 2011-2013 (completed);
Exploitation: the first quarter 2013;


Client: Private person;
Address: Left Coast of Vakhsh River, Norak town;


The designed site as per the situation is located on the left side of the Vakhsh River. The territory is mountainous with picturesque area. According to opinion of our experts this leisure area is just right for relaxation, fun, not to think about bustles, to reduce work-related stress, etc. There is no other building-up near the designed site. The perimeter is surrounded by natural and artificial green areas. There are also low mountains around, which are covered with topsoil and trees. Once placed around the low burning, which are covered with layers of vegetation and trees.

Our task was to develop a landscape design with some necessary buildings. In accordance with this project our specialists have tried maximum to preserve the natural environment, wild grasses, shrubs and trees. The structures were built from environmentally friendly and natural material, i.e. wood, local stone and clay. There are some ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. But in general the landscape was formed from the existing green spaces. We would also like to remind that the water inside the territory is natural and existing. With our project the direction and location of the rivers and lakes have been changed.