Toyota Center Dushanbe

Industrial + Transportation buildings


Total area: ~
Total area of the building: ~
Construction volume: ~
Floors: 2 floor

Team of authors

chief architect – G.S. Anororv
Anorov, architects – Sodiqov N. Sh. F. F. Azizov,
3d-visualization – J. Sh. Shokalonov, N. Sh. Sodiqov, O. A. Nazarov,
Design Engineer – S. A. Shermatov;


Design: 2011;
Construction: -
Exploitation: -


Client: Private person;
Exploiter: Private person;
Address: Dushanbe city;


TOYOTA CENTER-DUSHANBE - According to the Master Plan, the proposed object is located in the western part of Dushanbe. This area is mainly industrial area and there are many administrative, trade, production and service buildings located here.

The main building, the State Automobile Inspection Department of the Republic of Tajikistan is located not far from the designed object. The designed object contributes to the development and service of the population, as well as the automotive industry.

Everything has been projected in the building so that to make the object safe and comfortable, luxurious, maximum functional, which is required in the automotive, sector...

Please be note that the design project takes into account all requirements and standards of TOYOTA automaker.

According to the project the object is divided into two functional areas. The first area is trade and exhibition area for demonstration and selling new TOYOTA brand cars. The second area is designed for the maintenance of vehicles of “TOYOTA” brand - Service Station.