Entertainment center “Prime Zone”

Cultural buildings


Total area of the building: ~6 300,00 m2;
construction volume: ~28 500,00 m3;
total sale area: ~2 500,00 m2;
number of floors: 2 floors.

Team of authors

Chief Architect – G.S. Anorov,
3d-visualization – O.Kh. Nazarov,
Design Engineer –N.A. Boboev;


Design: 2009;
Construction: -;
Exploitation: -;


Client: Private person;
Address: Парк Победы, Dushanbe city;


The entertainment center “PRIME ZON” was supposed to be located on the territory of the existing Victory park zone. This park is located in the north-eastern part of Dushanbe. The area according to the situation is a hilly and beautiful landscape place. Almost the entire territory is covered with green spaces and trees. And the area of ​​the projected building was chosen to replace the existing one-story abandoned building. According to the master plan of the city of Dushanbe, the construction site is located on the second ring of the city. The building is two-story with a central platform for entertainment and dancing. The building is planned by a gallery, in the center of which there is a dance floor, around it at different elevations around the perimeter there is a place for rest and food reception. After that, there are separate cabins for privacy ... The architecture is decided in hi-tech style and according to the functional purpose of the building itself.