Sport buildings / Master plans


Total area of the territory: ~33 800,00 m2;
Total built-up area of the building: ~13 600,00 m2;
Total area of the building: ~206 500,00 m2;
Construction volume: ~999 990,00 m3;
Number of floors: 1 and 27 floors.

Team of authors

Chief architect - Anorov G. S.
Аrchitects - Sodikov N.Sh., Azizov F. F.
3d-visualization - Shokalonov J. Sh.


Design: 2016;


Client: Executive authority of Dushanbe city
Exploiter: Executive authority of Dushanbe city
Address: A. Balami Street, Dushanbe city;


In developing this design the specialists suggested their ideas first to the task-requirements and functional purpose of the complex. The project basis has its own philosophy. That is, the development of the architectural volume of the complex is defined based on a functional purpose and a vivid ideology.

In view of the foregoing the experts when determining the architectural and spatial volume of the complex chose the image of SUNFLOWER as the philosophical basis of their project. If to look at the exterior view of the sports complex, one can clearly see the blooming sunflower.

It is notorious that Dushanbe and in general the Republic of Tajikistan is called as the SUNNY country. It is not surprising that, in many cases, from the point of view of the world opinion and especially of guests who for the first time visit our city or country "Dushanbe is called as a city of sun", "and Tajikistan as a sunny country".

The volume and architecture of the sports complex is accepted on this basis. The project also fully takes into account the situation of the territory, and the relief of the selected site is used maximally reasonably. This is one of the factors of reducing the construction cost of this complex. There is six-storied parking, a swimming pool, a tennis court, the administration building with a hotel, various sports grounds with landscaping on the territory of the sports complex.

The sports complex designed includes all modern requirements, developed technologies and systems. The project also takes into account the international society requirements - FIFA, as well as there are energy-efficient equipment to save energy and electricity. In addition, all opinion and conclusions of the specialists of the Football Federation of Tajikistan are also taken into account.