Master plans / Residential building


Total area of the territory: ~162,00 ha;
total residential area: ~4 000 000,00 m2;
Number of residents: ~100 000,00 persons.;
Number of apartments: ~35 000,00 pieces;
number of floors: 2 to 30 floors.

Team of authors

Chief architect - Anorov G.S.
Architects - Azizov F. F., Sodikov N.Sh., Rasulov B. M., Sklyarova P. S.,
Shokalonov J. Sh., Isfandiyori D,
3d-visualization - Nazarov O. H., Sklyarova P. S. Shokalonov J. Sh.,
Sodikov N.Sh.


Design: 2015-2016;


Client: Committee for Architecture and Construction under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;
Exploiter: Committee for Architecture and Construction under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;
Address: Dushanbe city;


Deion: The town is located in the residential microdistrict No.22 of the southern part of Dushanbe; according to the general plan its serial number is 223-224. The boundaries of the residential microdistrict are: from the north - Abulkosim Firdavsi Street (projectible), from the east – local street (projectible), from the south - the Southern Bypass Road (projectible), from the west - the A.Kakharova Main Road (being projected).

The design basis has its own philosophy, that is, the development of the architectural volume of the complex is determined based on the functional purpose and a vivid ideology. In a view of the foregoing the experts when determining the architectural and spatial scope of the complex were inspired by the national traditional construction and chose it as the philosophical basis of their project. If to look at the exterior view of the complex, one can clearly see the perimeter construction with the courtyard. The reason for such using of the idea came with the study of the construction to the present days.

Since from the history everyone knows that in the territory of Tajikistan and in general in Central Asia the perimetric construction with an internal courtyard is one of the traditional building principles of the Tajik nation and as the whole of Central Asia. This principle of the construction exists and is the most widespread from the ancient centuries and up to the present time. As example one can note the construction of ancient cities of Persian-Tajiks, such as Khujand, Istaravshan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Khulbuk, Penjekent, Zarafshan and others.

The design takes into account the climatic conditions and requirements of Tajikistan, in particular Dushanbe city, precisely this location of buildings has come based on the climatic conditions. With this principle, our specialists provided each building with natural light, insolation, ventilation and others, which is necessary to create a microclimate. First of all, with the arrangement of individual units, all fire regulations are fully observed. The design also fully takes into account the situation of the territory, and the relief of the selected site is used maximally reasonable. This is one of the factors for reducing the cost of construction of this complex.