Public + Office buildings / Master plans


Total area of the building: ~30,000.00m2;
Building footprint: 6 200,00m2;
Total area of the building: ~10 500,00m2;
Construction volume: ~109 000,00m3;
Total sales area: 200,00 m2 ~ 8;
Number of floors: 1 floor + roof used.

Team of authors

Chief Architect - Anorov G. S.
Architects - Rasulov B. M., Isfandiyory D. Kh.
3d-visualization - Nazarov O. Kh.
Chief design - Shermatov S. M, Akramov B. N.


Design: 2014;
Construction: 2014- the fourth quarter of 2015 (completed);
Exploitation: The first quarter of 2016;


Client: Limited Liability Company “Yovar-11”;
Exploiter: Limited Liability Company “Yovar-11”;
Address: N. Huvaydulloeva Street, Dushanbe;


HYPERMARKET “YOVAR” - is a specialized large indoor trade market in Dushanbe town, which according to parameters correspond with the rules and regulations not only of the Republic. This project is a continuation of “complex meat products” which was designed by us in 2012. According to the master plan of the city, this center is located in the central part of Dushanbe.

This area prior to design was abandoned and unimproved, i.e. it served as a garbage point. In this area there are objects of national importance. Not far from the designed complex there are such buildings like the general prosecutor's office, the cultural complex “Navruzgoh”, the Presidential Palace with the maintenance complex, complex for leisure events of the Hukumat Office of the Republic of Tajikistan. In addition not far from territory the construction of the first luxury residential complex with trade and service centers is in progress.

Moreover there are no building with such specifics and purpose in this area. To fulfill this project, our team was given the task to create the first specific complex.

According to the project the trade market consists of one independent unit. The building is covered by long span space structure.