Consumer Packaged Goods Production Shop "TOJI OSIYO"

Industrial + Transportation buildings


Total area of the territory: ~10 000,00 m2;
total building area: ~ 600,00 m2;
construction volume: ~ 4 600,00 m3;
number of floors: 1 floor.

Team of authors

Chief Architect – G.S. Anorov,
Architect – N.Sh. Sodikov,
3d- visualization - N.Sh. Sodikov,
Design Engineer – S.A. Shermatov


Design: 2012-2013;
Construction: 2013-2014, (under construction);
Exploitation: the fourth quarter of 2014;


Client: Limited Liability Company "Toji Osiyo";
Address: The territory of the “Free Economic Area of “Dangara””, Dangara district;


Industrial buildings of consumer packaged goods “Toji OSIYO” is located on the territory of the new republican project - the "Free Economic area “Dangara””, of Dangara district. According to the Master Plan of the area, the territory is located in the south-western part of FEA "Dangara". A plot of land with an area of 1,0 hectares has been allocated for construction of the industrial complex. According to the design the allocated land area includes the main building itself, checkpoint, a parking area for visitors and staff, and other necessary buildings and structures.

The building's architecture is based on the purpose and designed in a minimalist style.