We were entrusted with the design and construction of the Hyundai Center Dushanbe

HYUNDAI CENTER DUSHANBE - according to the Master Plan, the projected facility is located in the southern part of Dushanbe city. In general this is an industrial and commercial area and there are many trade and industrial production buildings as well as the service purpose buildings and others located here.

Everything is planned in the building so that to make the facility safe, comfortable, luxurious, most functionally which is required in the automotive industry sector. We would like to remind that our office previously designed the TOYOTA CENTER DUSHANBE. The difference between these buildings except for the brand is the construction volume. This building is almost two times bigger than Toyota. We would like to note that the project design took into account all requirements and standards of HYUNDAI automaker as the TOYOTA.

According to the project, the object is divided into four functional zones. The first zone is the trade and exhibition area for demonstration and sale of new HYUNDAI brand vehicles. The second zone is designed for maintenance of the brand HYUNDAI vehicles - Service Station. The third zone is designed both for an administrative warehouse for the service staff and storage of all spare parts and equipment while the fourth one is the car wash.